1.You may make physical items with our designs with the intention to sell or produce as gifts.

2.You can add “decorate” our files to create a unique item to you.

a.If you modify the size or other critical elements of a design, Rosebarn Embroidery Designs is not liable for any issues or support of the design. If support is requested or desired, an additional purchase of the same design is mandatory.

3.Our designs are licensed to the account of purchase, at time of purchase.

a.We do not allow for account sharing and in the event an account is discovered to be shared, it will be closed and all access to designs will be rescinded.

b.In the event you would like to request a transfer, this requires explicit written permission by Elizabeth Petkevich of Rosebarn Embroidery Designs.

4.The designs may be used in a cutting machine to facilitate the completion of the finished product.

a.The designs are not allowed to be converted into SVG or similar for use other than stated above. Such uses include, but are not limited to, digital sale of the file or any sale of a physical item created from the converted file.

5.Your account will be locked and removed in the event of the following, but not limited to:

a.You may not sell, trade, or share any designs.

b.Claiming any designs as your own.

c.Using our photos as your own or for your own promotion without the written explicit approval from Rosebarn Embroidery Designs.

6.No designs will be sent to a physical address or email that is not registered as your official contact information under your account.

7.Joint purchases are not allowed and are considered account sharing (see item 3).

8.If the item with the design will be produced more than 150 times each month, for sale, please contact Elizabeth Petkevich of Rosebarn Embroidery Designs.

a.The pricing and licensing listed on the website are not representative of mass production.

b.The licensing provided by purchasing any design is not intended for any production that may be considered “en masse”.

9.You may NOT under any circumstances include any of our designs in any "package" with the sale or resale of a machine.

10.We have the right to terminate any account that violates our terms of use.

The designs belong to Elizabeth Petkevich of Rosebarn Embroidery Designs and are protected under International Copyright laws.