What is In the Hoop Embroidery (ITH):

In the hoop embroidery is a embroidery project that is completed in the hoop with minimal steps outside the hoop.

Are there tutorials included with the files:

Yes, each In the hoop design has a detailed “How To”.

Are there any Video tutorials?

We have a YouTube (link YouTube channel) channel that has detailed videos on our projects! 

Do you Offer Refunds?

Due to the digital nature of our designs no refunds are given.

I purchased a design, where can I find it?

You will receive an email with instructions to download your designs. Alternatively, you can also download through your account when you log in.

Do I need an account to purchase?

Yes, you will need to create an account to purchase designs and gain access to freebies.

Can I use Rosebarn Embroidery Design’s photos?

No, you may not use any of the photos provided by Rosebarn Embroidery Designs, affiliates, or our testers.

What if a file is updated after I already purchased?

Yes, you will have access to each update and we also make an announcement via email and on our Facebook page detailing the update.

What if I purchase a file twice?

If you purchased a file twice, please alert us as soon as possible, so that we can put a credit on your account.

Do you offer custom digitizing?

Yes we do! Send us an email at [email protected].

Are your files stitch tested?

All files are tested before they are released.

What file formats do you supply?


Can I resize a design?

We strongly recommend against resizing any of the designs, as it can cause issues. If you need a larger design size, please contact us so we can potentially re-size it for you.

What is mass production?

You may not produce our file in large quantities by sending off to another company to make. We do not limit the amount you can make to 150 per month per design but they must all be made by you.